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Trader's Blues

I came to work this morning
And turned on my PC.
I came to work late this morning
And, yes, I started my PC.
I looked up the quotes
And what the Hell did I see? O-o-o-oh!

Standard and Poor is down!
Dow Jones is way down!
And NASDAQ, worst of all,
Oh, my God, is in a free fall.

Experts say it is just the correction
We had to expect.
They insist it is the correction,
But I cant see why it is correct
That I can't retire, as planned, next year,
And no time near?

Oh, Lord, can you hear me?
Could you please reverse the trend?
Oh, Lord, please, forgive me,
This cannot really be the end!
Greed may be a sin but not a real crime.
I pray, save my portfolio just one more last time.

You will see  I'll sell all the dot.coms
And forget their names.
I promise   I'll never trade the dot.coms,
Let them all burn in flames.
Companies with solid income, only those will I buy.
And I'll hold, and hold, and hold, and hold till the day I die.

I woke up this morning,
And my investments are all gone.
I woke up this morning
And my savings are all gone.

© 2000 Mark Shmulevich

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